Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dawn Raffel, On Reading

"I like reading aloud. It's how I write, and if I'm really enjoying a book, I'll read a few pages aloud so I can absorb its cadences. I loved reading aloud to my children. And I love re-reading. The best books do not begin to reveal their secrets to you until you have read them two or three times."

Dawn Raffel is the author of three books, most recently Further Adventures in the Restless Universe (Dzanc). She has recently completed a memoir in vignettes. Visit her website here for more information.}


  1. I read poetry out loud to myself but I never thought of doing so with other genres but I will now!

  2. So that reading is sleeping. It is dreaming. These words, too, function as a verge. There are always secrets when you hitchhike; when you get into that car; when you go, which is reading; or loop back, to re-read. Your writing was next to mine like Barringer's, so I touched it. I said yes. I thought of Jane Eyre reading behind that heavy curtain, when I read your words.