Monday, May 4, 2009

Introduction To The Dirty South:Southern Hip Hop Quiz

Course: Southern Hip Hop 90--Introduction To The Dirty South


Directions: Below you will find 20 Southern Hip Hop quotes. Complete the quiz by identifying the Southern Hip Hop Group or Singer related to each quote. This quiz is closed book. For Extra Credit, after completing the quiz, choose one of the songs below and get down to the beat.

1. "People don't dance no mo"

2. "But I get a hundred and fifty thousand dollar check every three months off Santana"

3. "Me I'm in my spaceship"

4. "Show me what you're working with"

5. "Whatcha know about that"

6. "Check out the oil my Cadillac spills"

7. "Automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh, work my body, so melodic, this beat flows right through my flesh"

8. "Callin' my peoples all across the world"

9. "You might call us country, but we's only Southern"

10. "Fire meaning breathing like a dragon and it's seeming that I'm falling"

11. "Glamorous with the gangsta twist, Gucci on the hip, Lucci on the wrists, and we off glass, we glistenin', you listenin'"

12. "To make me bow buh buh bow bow Rocky Balboa"

13. "When you paid you got beaucoup places to go"

14. "Give me a cigarette, my nerves bad"

15. "Hahn"

16. "The lake we build houses, but it's the hood we call home"

17. "Back on the scene, freestyle king"

18. "Unggggghh"

19. "It's the Swisha House, the third coast, the state of Texas that's my land"

20. "Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor"


  1. Man I don't know many of those.

  2. Hey Luke, once you hear the songs, you'll be able to recognize them.

  3. 4. Juvenile?
    5. T.I.?
    12. Birdman?
    18. Master P- every song he ever did
    19. Paul Wall?

    This shit is hard. If I took this in a class, I would fill in the above and then guess Lil Wayne for the rest

  4. Best I think I can do:
    1. Goodie Mob - People don't dance no mo
    2. Cee Lo - ?
    3. Put on - Jeezy/Kanye??
    4. Mystikal - Shake dat ass
    5. Know the song but cant place the artist
    6. Ludacris - throw dem bows
    7. Sad to say I know this is Ciara
    8. No clue
    9. Outkast - West Savannah - tight one
    10. Goodie Mob? or that other group with Cee Lo..
    11. TRINA - song?
    12. Dunno
    13. Juvenile - HA
    14. Lil Wayne
    15. Dunno
    16. Scarface or Master P - maybe a collaboration
    17. Lil Flip
    18. Master P
    19. Some houston stuff...?
    20. Outkast - Hey Ya