Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moose (For A. Parker)

Moose is a goose.
Moose is a goose who likes to be loose.
Moose likes to be loose--a goose who likes chocolate mousse.
Silly goose--chocolate mousse keeps you loose but Moose do you eat couscous?


What's the use to talk to Moose, who is not a moose, but a honking goose who prefers chocolate mousse over couscous and juice?

Vamoose Moose, you non-moose goose and eat your chocolate mousse while I keep loose with the use of couscous and juice.

Wait, don't vamoose Moose the goose, because you look like a recluse with just you and your chocolate mousse--take use of my couscous and together we'll keep loose as we reduce the food and juice under this spruce


You're welcome Moose and thanks for sharing your chocolate mousse--take some more of my couscous and juice while we sit under the spruce; I'm so glad you didn't refuse to vamoose and after we reduce the use of this food and produce, let's shake our caboose like Kevin Bacon in Footloose!



  1. Awesome. That last part sounds like a bad-ass children's hip hop song.

  2. Thanks, Luke. I kept on getting geese confused with ducks, and I kept on writing quack instead of honk. Both are pretty fun animals though.