Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bonnie Jo Campbell, On Reading

"The relationship between writing and reading is simple for me. When I write, I empty my head onto the paper. When I read, I fill my head up again."

Bonnie Jo Campbell is the author of the novel Once Upon a River (July 2011, W.W. Norton) and a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow. She was a 2009 National Book Award finalist and National Book Critics Circle Award finalist for her collection of stories, American Salvage, You can check out her website (and photos of her donkeys) at and her writer’s life blog, “The Bone-Eye" at}

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  1. I like the image here, but in reading through the snippets on reading (for the series) I wonder why-for, in talking about reading, writing comes up? Likewise, the vice versa as though reading and writing are a chicken and egg kind of conundrum?

    When I am given the opportunity to teach, I know what's universal for the students is that each one can read.

    Also, as I've had to delete to edit (rather like life), reading as much precedes writing and it follows.