Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jessica Anya Blau, On Reading

"When I was little, I’d lie in my sister’s bed and my dad would read to us. I always fell asleep before he stopped, so the next night there would be some gap in the story that I’d have to figure out as he read forward again.

My mother read every day and I loved to lie beside her, on the bed or on the couch, and snuggle against her, my head tucked below her book. Once, I asked her how she was able to read without moving her lips. When I read, my lips always moved.

I read to my daughters from the day they were born. Even as wobble-headed infants with murky eyes and bird-like cries, they seemed interested in books. It was both wonderful and painful when they started reading themselves. Now I’ll ask them, 'How about if I read to you tonight?' They laugh and don’t even consider the idea."

Jessica Anya Blau’s second novel, Drinking Closer To Home (HarperCollins/Harper Perennial), is currently being featured in Target stores as a “Breakout Author” book. Her first novel, The Summer Of Naked Swim Parties, was picked as Best Summer Book by The Today Show, The New York Post and New York Magazine. The San Francisco Chronicle, along with other newspapers, chose it as one of the Best Books of the Year.}

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