Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meg Pokrass, On Reading

"reading is:

1. finding that lost set of keys

2. riding on strong, strong shoulders

3. hovering above your row house

4. the fine crust of a new pie

5. grateful drowning

6 a feast made of tiny bites

7. hunger, especially for

8. sex without sex

9. a lap cat that follows

10.defying everything

11. the hook to hang so many hats."

{Meg Pokrass writes flash-fiction, short stories and poetry. Damn Sure Right from Press 53 is her debut collection of flash fiction. Meg serves as Editor-at-Large for
BLIP Magazine (formerly Mississippi Review). Her stories, poems, and flash fiction animations have appeared in nearly one hundred online and print publications. Meg creates and runs the popular Fictionaut-Five Author Interview Series for Fictionaut and is associate producer for a new documentary, From Ghost Town to Havana by filmmaker Eugene Corr. Visit her website here for more information.}

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