Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jason Jordan, On Reading

"I've adopted the 'finish what you start' adage when it comes to reading. That is, I finish a book even if I hate it. I do this because I've found that when I finish a book I don't like, I'm more able to shape and express my opinions than when I put it down at the first taste of disinterest/dislike. This practice informs my writing, because it helps me know what I like, what I don't like, and why, and what I believe I should or shouldn't do in my own writing. It's great to read a book you love, but I think it's equally important to be familiar with those you don't."

Jason Jordan holds an MFA from Chatham University. His forthcoming books are Cloud and Other Stories and Powering the Devil's Circus: Redux--both from Six Gallery Press, 2010. His work has appeared in over forty literary magazines. Additionally, he edits decomP, accessible here, and his blog can be found here.}

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