Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Velvet Combo And The 5 Senses: A Scientific Report

After applying the Scientific Method, I have reached a conclusion about the Velvet Combo and the 5 senses.

Method (Scientific)

1.Define the question: Does the Velvet Combo appeal to all 5 senses?

2. Gather information and resources: Recipes, videos, compact discs, reviews, Bunsen burners, Petri dishes, napkins, karaoke machines, forks, headphones.

3. Form hypothesis: The Velvet Combo appeals to all 5 senses (in an enjoyable manner).

4. Perform experiment and collect data: Using recipes, first I made a red velvet cake, but I soon realized that I can't bake; therefore, I had to resort to another way to create a red velvet cake: Albertsons. Then, while eating a slice (slices) of this dessert, I watched and listened to "Black Velvet."

Red Velvet Cake:

Black Velvet Video:

5. Analyze data: There was taste, and my olfactory abilities were heightened through the red velvet cake. Both auditory and visual senses were captured through "Black Velvet."

6. Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis: At first I was like, I've achieved in reaching 4 senses, but what about the 5th sense--feeling? But then, I understood that after eating a slice (slices) of the red velvet cake while watching "Black Velvet," I was able to reach the 5th sense, because I was feeling delightful while doing so.

7. Retest: No need for other scientists to retest this experiment, I am more than happy to perform the retests. Over and over.

As a conclusion: The Velvet Combo is all you need to satisfy all 5 of your senses (hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing, feeling). It's a world of colors.

I do intend to submit my findings to scientific people for approval, including a possible proposal for an infomercial to help spread this joy.


  1. i used to do this sort of thing and then my belly exploded while my arms, sadly, stayed in the same puny configuration they have existed for most of my life.
    read anything good lately?
    know anything about leon bloy?
    jeff d

  2. Hey buddy--again, man, it has been a while. Haven't heard of Leon Bloy. Will call you this weekend, if you're around. Send me some sushi in the meanwhile.