Monday, July 6, 2009

Notes From Sentences And Paragraphs Lecture (Jim Krusoe)

--fiction, not about truth, but how the mind processes the world

--every sentence we write represents a day in our lives, have your day stand out
--connect to previous/future day, head in a direction
--find a sentence on the ground, that no one else will write

--advance the narrative
--increase level of risk
--don't use filler, have purpose

--how present do you want to be in your paragraph?
--consider level of readability

--sentences fall under aural (sound forces you to feel it, rhythm and emotion) or visual (stays out of the piece more, judge it, see it)

--every paragraph is a little crisis, leaves you in a different place from where you started
--what has changed from first sentence to last sentence?
--do they connect?
--does the paragraph leave the reader with an image

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