Thursday, June 18, 2009

--tales of a fourth grade nothing--

First crushes, or whatever it was that resembled crushes were Kim and Aimee.

First time making the Honor Roll list for the whole school year.
Coz, Doug, Beth, Erin, and Blair were the fastest runners.
Ms. Hall was the teacher--real cool.
Sat across Mimmy, who had the most contagious laugh.
Rien, Daisy, and I always had to wait in Ms. Rita's office to be picked up after the school day ended.
Ms. Rita pulled out splinters.
Brett and Graham were the tallest in class.
Tim was the best bowler.
Classroom was on the second floor.
Coach Jordan/Coach Gibson: "Perfect practice makes perfect."
Shel (5th grade) fell and hit his head on the wooden deck--skin split open just above his eyebrow, and he needed stitches.
Pretended I was Wolverine when playing chase.
Football/Stuck in the mud/soccer/kickball in the parking lot (sometimes the ball would go over the fence, onto Johnston St.)
Rainy days in the Commons Room (bear-walking and wheelbarrow races, tripod handstands, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, rolling, speed-walking)
Read Indian In The Cupboard--"vittles" was a vocabulary word. It means food--only vocabulary term I remember remembering throughout my school career.
Wore knock off Agassi's from Payless.
Italy was my favorite soccer team.
Michael Jordan.


Still listening to--
Def Leopard
Bon Jovi
Ozzy Osbourne
Motley Crue

Dick Tracy
Kindergarten Cop
Ninja Turtles

Looney Tunes


  1. I think I learned Vittles from Beverly Hillbillies.

  2. Hi dmarks, that's another great source to learn the word, "vittles."