Saturday, March 28, 2009


From The Courage To Write by Ralph Keyes:

"All my life, I've been frightened
at the moment I sit down to write" (24).
--G.G. Marquez

"Blank pages inspire me with terror" (24).
--Margaret Atwood

"I suffer as always from the fear of
putting down the first lines. It's amazing
the terrors, the magics, the prayers, the
straightening shyness that assails one" (24).
--John Steinbeck

"Cheever put on a business suit
then went from his apartment
to a room in the basement
where he hung his suit on a
hangar and wrote in his
underwear" (135).


  1. It's interesting how so many now famous writers had the same fear of the blank page that many struggling, young writers have.

  2. I know--it definitely helps, or it's comforting in some way.

  3. Love these. Thanks for posting them.

  4. Hey Molly--cool, glad you liked these. Found them to be quite insightful.